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BWP038 : Trocoloco – Gaza Strip / Triangle

BWP038 : Trocoloco – Gaza Strip / Triangle

Break Wind Productions family member Trocoloco is back with a colossal 2 track EP. Once again he shows off he’s unique artistic paintings of broken beats and electronica.
Gaza Strip is a gritty breakbeat banger that within hearing you will feel the pain, the anger & the feeling put into this intensified slice of heavy breaks.
Trocoloco tells a powerful story calling out to a stop to this wrongful conflict, give peace a chance, give breaks a chance.
Triangle takes us on a sultry cyber sonic path of musical funk, bouncing space synths, funkerdelic slap guitar and some reptilian bass all merged together in the doctors laboratory to create a gargantuan tune .

Artwork : Dr Zortan
Mastered : Rick Tedesco

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