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BWPF007 : Bobalino feat Jay Furze & Lemur – Final Project

Posted by on Sep 28, 2014 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

BWPF007 : Bobalino feat Jay Furze & Lemur – Final Project (Free Download) Break Wind Production have decided to give away the 10 min epic verions of Final Project for your listening pleasures………………Enjoy and share……………. Bobalino has joined forces once again with the almighty vocal talent of Jay Furze and brought in the guitar skills of The Lemur. This time they bring you a epic breakbeat orchestral cinematic heart warming track, full of strings, horns, emotion and melodies that will lift you up on the darkest of days. The song was snapped up by the feature film “Community” and used on the closing credits. Itunes :…3274?i=610273279 Beatport : Track it Down :…-and-lemur.html Juno :…ct/2170423-02/ Amazon :…c&search-type=ss Mastered by : Mark Allsworth Art Work by : Jason Rayment & Dr Zortan Facebook : Facebook...

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BWP006 : Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Bobalino Remould)

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

What do Depeche Mode & Bobalino have in common, both are born and bred in Basildon, Essex, England Depeche Mode are one of the main reason why i started making music, at a very young age (about 8) they used to rehearse at the top of my road in Vince Clark’s flat, this was the first time i ever heard synthesizers and it was Just Can’t Get Enough, of course after about a couple of minutes listening we loaded up our donky sticks (long bendy flexible stick from a tree !!) with clay and fired it at there window which was at the top floor, we was only 8 lol, thats what we did back then...

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BWPF005 : Rick Tedesco – Unforgotten Kisses Feat Trukers (Closure Remix)

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

Rick Tedesco decided to do a “Closure” mix of the epic original track released on Break Wind Productions back in November 2012. The reason behind the original version and out of some crazy coincidence the Bobalino remix as well is a heart wrenching story of 2 people living miles apart but both going through a very similar emotion/journey in life, both did not realise this until after the release when Boba asked Rick what was the meaning behind the title of this track. Rick has harpooned in the talents of Trukers in on this closure remix and we have decided to give this away to you lovely people on earth. Sometimes people storys can be told through the music…… Feel the pain, feel the love…………Not to be...

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BWPF004 : Curl & Dean – One Night

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

Curl & Dean have some new original material that will be unleashed in 2013. The duo searched in there music archive and found a track that had never been released before. A few labels tried to snap this one up a few year back, but in the spirit of Christmas Curl & Dean decided to give this little melodic vocal gem away to you lovly people of Earth. Its better out then to keep it...

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BWPF003 : Per Byhring – Ettertid (Bobalino’s The Summer Has Arrived Remould)

Posted by on Mar 2, 2013 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

I did this remould on a track that i had been playing to death, the original layers and textures i kept in this remould but added a whole new dimension to the original. With the lack of sunshine in the uk at the moment (we have no summer!!!) i thought this would be perfect for that sunshine day or snowy day in the winter (when it comes). Just wanted to show its not always about the bangers, close your eyes and go lose yourself. BWPF003 – Per Byhring – Ettertid (Bobalino’s The Summer Has Arrived Remould) Free Download by Break Wind...

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BWPF002 : Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Bobalino’s Plump DJ Remould)

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Free Tunes | 0 comments

A little remould of Mark Ronson’s – Record Collection. Now with a added Breakbeat flavour 🙂 I love the original and have always been a massive fan of the Plump Dj’s, i was a bit gutted when the plumps stopped making straight up breaks so its my way of saying please do some more even if its the odd 1 or 2. The Plump Dj’s should take all the credit on this one, i just added some extra beef and...

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