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BWP040 : Maxim Hix – Elixir Remixed

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Releases | 0 comments

Back in at the end 2014 we released the superb album Elixir by Maxim Hix, now for our 40th release we present the magnificent Maxim Hix – Elixir Remixed. Here we give you 5 exceptional remixes featuring Dave Gluskin, Jayson Butera, Raggapop Inc & Elevate, Stromlinie & Llupa. Artwork : Dr Zortan Mastered : Rick...

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BWP039 : Leadzone – Labyrinths Of The Heart EP

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Releases | 0 comments

Break Wind Production output continues to show they are not about sub genre and just about the music. Leadzone is an up and coming artist, every time we present a new artist into the arena it gives us great pride that fresh blood is producing breakbeat to keep the torch glowing. Here we have 3 bass & drum breaks monsters full of grit, pure fire to shatter your subs, bangers & mash up, watch your bass bins on these they will take the roof off & put hairs on your chest, man or women !!!! Artwork : Dr Zortan Mastered : Rick...

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BWP038 : Trocoloco – Gaza Strip / Triangle

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Releases | 0 comments

Break Wind Productions family member Trocoloco is back with a colossal 2 track EP. Once again he shows off he’s unique artistic paintings of broken beats and electronica. Gaza Strip is a gritty breakbeat banger that within hearing you will feel the pain, the anger & the feeling put into this intensified slice of heavy breaks. Trocoloco tells a powerful story calling out to a stop to this wrongful conflict, give peace a chance, give breaks a chance. Triangle takes us on a sultry cyber sonic path of musical funk, bouncing space synths, funkerdelic slap guitar and some reptilian bass all merged together in the doctors laboratory to create a gargantuan tune . Artwork : Dr Zortan Mastered : Rick...

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#12 : Stromlinie

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Artists | 0 comments

1.For the people who dont know who you are, who are you, where are you from ? My name is Nicky and I’m living in Magdeburg which is located in Germany. 2. Tell us a bit about how you got involved within the Break Wind Family………….. Boba just randomly stumbled across my soundcloud profile and was interested. 3. How long have you been making music and what started your journey into the world of Breakbeat? I started making music back in 1991. I was a guitar player in a punk/rock band back then. 1995 I started my solo project, as Stromlinie. Up till 1997 it was basically live ambient/experimental songs. But when I got involved in the party scene I was immediately inspired by the jungle/drum&bass/breakbeat/style and up to 2004 I played regularly on different underground parties. Even my...

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BWP037 : A Robot Comes To Her – Golden Age Legacy /Idoru

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Releases | 0 comments

Break Wind Productions proudly presents the debut Breakbeat EP from Belgium artist A Robot Comes To Her, if this EP was a material then it would be silk, you will get no friction from this exceptional 2 track release. With release’s already on Airwave’s LCD label you will hear why we are so proud to have a something from this outstanding creative musical mind. Golden Age Legacy is a weaving mellifluous masterpiece of musical workmanship that flows like running water, a progressive sensation with soothing deep bass and detailed euphoric melodies worm their way around your mind, body & soul. Idoru is another euphonious delight to the ear that just builds and builds with mesmerizing acid lines and angelic atmospherics showing a true progressive art...

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