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#9 : Fastbinder

#9 : Fastbinder

1.For the people who dont know who you are, who are you, where are you from ?

My name is Steve Rydams aka Fastbinder and i’m a (Progressive Breaks/Breaks Dj from Belgium (Brussels) i’m the host o the Future Breakz Live show on NSB radio(Nominated as best radio show on Breakspoll2013)

2.Tell us a bit about how you got involved within the Break Wind Family…………..

I guess i was lucky that the owner (Bobalino) was listening to my radio show and he like what i did,so we starting to talk and now we are friends.

3.How long have you been making music and what started your journey into the world of Breakbeat?

I’m a dj for 17 years now,started with New Wave into the trance sound,one one day wile i was playing in a club the dj after me started his set with a tune with a broken beat,i was completely lost in the track,so i asked what it was and it was Evil 9 with Cake Hole.
From that day my mission was to play Breaks it was in 2002 .

4.Tell us a bit about yourself outside of music, hobbies, Job, things you do when not making music?

Most of the time i’m busy with music but outside this i like to do mountenbike,(we have lovely woods here) and spend time with my friends and my 2 loco cats.
Of course i need to eat and py the bills,so my job is display responsible for a company that sells printing presses .

5.What is in store for the future for you within music?

for the future i have some gigs coming up in Romania and UK and i will have some special things coming up about my radio show

6.What toys do you have in the studio and what is your weapon of Choice?

i make my radio shows and dj sets with 2 Technics mk1200 turntables,my mixtable is a Ecler Nuo 4 and i have 2 cdj’s pioneer 800 with a a pair of Yamaha speakers HS50M

7.Who are your musical influences of past and who are you excited about in the present?

I have a big love for Evil 9,Koma & Bones,Kultur,Klaus… and in the future i’m excited about so many artists in the Proggy Breaks scene,Trukers,Bobalino,Rick Tedesco,and so much more ,but someone who really inpressed me is Jayson Butera,becose he is new in producer world and he made some nice tunes and remixes that i really like on a short periode of time,and i love to hear more of him .

8.Name Three breakbeat tunes that is blowing you away at the moment?

My blow away tunes are Bobalino – Smile, Yanix – Derecho – (Dellife Rmx), The Fixionist – Pho Li Ho Mist

9.You can take three tracks (not albums) onto your desert island, what would they be?

Titans from Bobalino vs Jay Furze (That tune means a lot to me) Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint,Jacob Todd – The Metaphysics Of Paper

10.Which Star Wars Charecter are you most like and why?

Question 10 ; Jar Jar Binx becose he is funny,annoying but he mean it well all the time,and he have a good heart

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