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#7 : Cullen

#7 : Cullen

1.For the people who dont know who you are, who are you, where are you from ?

My name is Sean Audibert aka Cullen and i am from Tampa Fl USA

2.Tell us a bit about how you got involved within the Break Wind Family…………..

i contacted Breakwind hoping to get a recently finished song signed. that song being Closer. Boba liked it and the rest is history. i was very excited b/c it was the first song that had been signed to label

3.How long have you been making music and what started your journey into the world of Breakbeat?

i started music production a good 8 years ago on a program called Sony Acid music. the program was very limited with what you could do. i made the upgrade to logic pro a few years later and began to see my music evolve
i got into the electronic breakbeat sound at an early age. My dad listened to tangerine dream, mike old field, enigma, alot of new age stuff
i got into trance at first with my favorite dj producer being george acosta
later going to clubs in the area the Florida breakbeat scene was rising up
the likes of icey, babyanne, tony faline, and fixx were spinning on the decks
from then on i was hooked

4.Tell us a bit about yourself outside of music, hobbies, Job, things you do when not making music?

outside of making music i have a full time job with a major wine and sprits distributor
i’m all about staying active. i do triathalons, and road races
and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter that takes up the rest of my time

5.What is in store for the future for you within music?

the future. i would like to continue and release quality breakbeat music
and try to find my own sound. one that a listener hears and know its me

6.What toys do you have in the studio and what is your weapon of Choice?

i use logic pro (just upgraded to 10) camel alchemy, NI massive
my weapon of choice is definitey massive. its a fun synth with a lot of potential that i am still learning

7.Who are your musical influences of past and who are you excited about in the present?

7.My musical influences range from trance artist like george acosta to breakbeat pioneers hybrid to upcoming arstist digital department
one artist in particular that excites me is Phrakture .. he has accomplished so much at such a young age … next BT me thinks

8.Name Three breakbeat tunes that is blowing you away at the moment?

3 tunes that are blowing me away

1. atrium sun – never say die
2. Audioteq and Dan K – another reality
3. Mr.FijiWiji and Direct – Hysteria

9.You can take three tracks (not albums) onto your desert island, what would they be?

Anberlin – Fin
coldplay – politik
funeral for a friend – escape artists never die

10.Which Star Wars Charecter are you most like and why?

no idea about star wars dude grew up watching star trek the next generation

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