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#6 : Trocoloco

#6 : Trocoloco

1.For the people who dont know who you are, who are you, where are you from ?

I’m just another dude from planet Earth named Victor, born in a city named Sevilla, a city of a country named Spain

2.Tell us a bit about how you got involved within the Break Wind Family…………..

it’s all Rubens fault! Him and his music encouraged me to start creating the music we love and once u start doing it theres no way back! One thing led to another, I published some tracks on SC and a passionate about music dude called Boba saw something on what I was doing and thats where it began the Break Wind adventure and here we are, I couldn’t be happier of being part of this wonderful family.

3.How long have you been making music and what started your journey into the world of Breakbeat?

Back in the days when I was a kid I liked fiddling around with the good old trackers (Fastracker and the lot) and made some tracks but nothing serious really. Up until only about a little more of year an a half is when I really started creating indepth. I’ve been listening to Breaks since old skool hardcore tunes from around 92 and from there till today it has been and will be one of my favourites music genres if not the most.

4.Tell us a bit about yourself outside of music, hobbies, Job, things you do when not making music?

What can I say about me? I’m just a normal bloke that enjoys the simplest things in life, spend time with family and friends is a MUST for me, travelling whenever is possible, practice some sports but no too hard hehe, PC or console gaming with mates, I like cooking also! Obviously not a chef but people do enjoy it tho . I’m not much a of a reader lately tbh, I hardly watch TV (totally manipulated media crap? no thanks) only documentaries about wildlife, and various aliens, ancient civilization and stuff like that and mainly on internet where information is far less biased. I’ve worked in different things but office and computer programming the most, but cant be bothered talking about jobs… I rather talk about music, LOTs of MUSIC ofc.

5.What is in store for the future for you within music?

I do have some projects ahead and various releases but I just go by the day and present , plans and new projects will come on its own, I just let the universe do its job and flow with it and whatever comes hehe

6.What toys do you have in the studio and what is your weapon of Choice?

I don’t have any toys really, the only thing that anyone really needs its the will, motivation and eagerness to make it happen, if you don’t have that no matter how many devices you got they are all useless, but a good pair of speakers do help ๐Ÿ˜‰

7.Who are your musical influences of past and who are you excited about in the present?

I like a lot the Hybrid, General Midi and many to name, also love the Nu Skool Breaks vibes in general but when it gets the time of creating sometimes can be more melodic others darker or whatever brings the mood of that precise moment. There are many to name that are doing great but I always have a special appreciation for Trukers and his music sensitivity, his music atmos are pure magic.

8.Name Three breakbeat tunes that is blowing you away at the moment?

Faskil – How to confuse a cat (Trukers shiverness Remix) (Sprint Tube)
Plu-to โ€“ The Rhythm of my life (Break Wind Productions)
The Elements โ€“ Space Control (forthcoming on ESR 2014)

9.You can take three tracks (not albums) onto your desert island, what would they be?

Bob Marley โ€“ Three little birds
Chambao โ€“ Camino interior (from Chambao so many would be good)
Armand Amar – Poem of the atoms (Bab’Aziz BSO a must watch film)

10.Which Star Wars Charecter are you most like and why?

I dont really identify myself as any of them but some people told me Yoda, but not precisely because of my wisdom lol, it’s just because sometimes I tend to speak changing the order of words just like him (Boba, u told me that not long ago too haha XD, but the funny thing is that you actually weren’t the first one to tell me that lol)

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